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Parents: Have You Prepared Poverty or Prosperity For Your Children?

Naimah Latiff Columnist Parents: Have You Prepared Poverty  or Prosperity For Your Children?     Have you ever wondered how some of our multimillion dollar athletes and entertainers wind up losing everything and filing for bankruptcy? Simple. Even with all the money they earn, because they never learned any better, they still spend like they’re poor. There is a way that poor people handle money th ...

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American Terrorism: How An Act of Hate Is Teaching Love

Naimah Latiff Columnist American Terrorism: How An Act of Hate Is Teaching Love   The cruel beating of voting rights activists on the Edmund Pettis bridge 150 years ago was a turning point in the Civil Rights struggle, because whites who saw it felt such revulsion that they were compelled to come down to Selma, Alabama to join the fight - on the side of black people. The nine people who were murdered i ...

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Uncle Remus Saucy Fried Chicken Opens In Bronzeville

Uncle Remus Saucy Fried Chicken Opens In Bronzeville     Despite raining weather, patrons lined up from one end of the store to the other to enjoy the taste of Uncle Remus Saucy Fried Chicken at the grand opening of its new South Side location at 737 E. 47th Street held on Saturday, June 12. West Siders have long enjoyed the southern fried goodness of Uncle Remus, now South Side fans can enjoy thi ...

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2016 Volvo XC90

2016 Volvo XC90   SANTA MONICA, CALIF. – Now that Volvo has been left alone by its new Chinese owners, an opposite tack from its former corporate parent, the Swedish automaker can get back to being itself. That was evident here as Volvo unveiled its XC90 three row sport utility. The 2016 Volvo XC90 is a significant new vehicle on several levels. It signals Volvo’s climb into the ranks of luxury automak ...

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My Little Slice of the 70’s

By: JOCELYN CHRISTOPHER STAFF WRITER   My Little Slice of the 70’s   I am guilty of sometimes daydreaming and wishing I was born in a different era. I’m really an old soul and I feel a bit too old for Generation Y although I’m firmly planted in the middle of it. Well I can’t transport back in time and live in a previous era. But I can do the next best thing. I can borrow from the previous generati ...

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Fathers Day: A Time To Heal Old Wounds

                    Naimah Latiff Columnist   Fathers Day: A Time To Heal Old Wounds Annual Fathers Day celebrations are, for some people, like ripping a scab off an unhealed wound. We’re barely over the pain from the last time, yet here we are again, re-injuring that old sore spot, conjuring up sad memories of those special childhood moments (birthdays ...

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Belly Fat: Gotta Go

Belly Fat: Gotta Go Let’s face it ladies… SUMMER IS HERE! What does that mean? - more FAT to have to deal with because what do we do during graduation celebrations, June 19th, family Reunions, etc? We eat, eat, & eat some more. And we all know that the fat tends to head straight to our abs and just sit there. How can we get rid of our belly fat? It’s really hard to say because our wonderful bodies have ...

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ASK ALMA – Deciding to Move On

Deciding to Move On Deal Alma, I have been with this person for six years, and we've had our up and downs, like any relationship. We are living apart but he still wants us to keep our friendship.... I don't because he needs to get himself together financially and mentally. Basically, I feel if someone trueloves you they will do whatever it takes to be with the person. He's just not moving fast enough for me ...

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Celebrate Dad – With Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Cherish

Celebrate Dad - With Father's Day Gifts He'll Cherish Through the years, he's always been there to help you along. Show your apprecialtion for dad with special gifts he would love to receive. Check out these  gift ideas to make this Father's Day one he won't forget.   Give a moment , Not Just a Give Louis M. Martini Winery reminds us to "Seize the Cabernet" and share a moment over a glass of wine with ...

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Sex: A Weapon, A Right or A Reward?

By: Naimah Latiff Columnist Sex: A Weapon, A Right or A Reward?               I told my husband I’m tired of him laying around without a job. I told him ‘No Money, No Honey!’” My friend Janice declared triumphantly. I asked her if that motivated him to get out and get a job. “Not yet,” she admitted. “But at least I’m not rewarding him for being lazy!” It’s interesting how ...

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