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Foundation Review: Revlon Colorstay

BY: JOCELYN MORRIS FASHION & BEAUTY COLUMNIST   Foundation Review: Revlon Colorstay Hey everyone! I’m hoping that all is well with you. So I wanted to spill the beans on one of my favorite drugstore foundations. Did you just gasp when I said drugstore foundation? I heard you! Believe it or not, there are some really great products out there that are affordable and that work! For this blog post, I’m ...

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THE FEMALE SOLUTION: Terrorism At Home and Abroad: It Starts In Childhood

BY: NAIMAH LATIF COLUMNIST   THE FEMALE SOLUTION: Terrorism At Home and Abroad: It Starts In Childhood   The world watched in horror as New York police officers wrestled a man to the ground and slowly choked him to death, ignoring his gasps of “I can’t breathe!” The last words of Eric Garner quickly became a slogan of resistance to police brutality and the words “I CAN’T BREATHE” are now emblazone ...

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My Awkward, Long and Tall Journey

My Awkward, Long and Tall Journey By: Jocelyn Morris Fashion & Beauty Columnist                           Who is Jmorrismua? Well if you have never met me in person, you need to know that I am over six feet tall. I am the girl who was always taller than everyone in class. The girl who outgrew her clothes and shoes within a year, every year ...

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THE FEMALE SOLUTION – Homeless and Broke: How Can You Keep Your Family Together?

Homeless and Broke:  How Can You Keep Your Family Together? By Naimah Latif Columnist   In this frigid weather, there is one segment of the population that really suffers: The Homeless. Although they are in our faces every day, holding cardboard signs at expressway exits, imploring motorists to spare some change, many people feel more comfortable treating them as if they are invisible. Statistics show ...

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THE FEMALE SOLUTION – A Woman’s Right To Choose?

BY: NAIMAH LATIF What About The Other Two People Involved? The ideas we label as progressive are sometimes in reality quite backwards. That’s because they are presented by people who lack higher consciousness. Take for instance the Abortion Rights arguments.  During election times, no matter what a candidate’s personal or religious views may be, if he’s a male, and he wants the women’s vote, he’d better say ...

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By: Naimah Latif Staff Writer Celebrating Chicago’s Black History   If ever one needed an argument for keeping the music program in High Schools, one need only to look at the phenomenal success of Earth, Wind and Fire, whose founding members got their start in High School.   “Hearts of fire creates love desire, Take you higher and higher to the world you belong. Hearts of fire creates love desire, ...

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THE FEMALE SOLUTION – “Married? Why would I want to get married? Marriage is for white people!”

by Naimah Latif Columnist “Married?  Why would I want to get married? Marriage is for white people!”   My jaw dropped and my mouth hung open in shock at the words of this sixteen year old sophomore student from my High School English class, his response to my suggestion about planning to marry his pregnant sixteen year old girlfriend. Having a child out of wedlock has become the norm in too many Africa ...

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Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

by Jocelyn Morris Fashion & Beauty columnist   I’m going to let you in on a big secret. When it comes to fashion, sometimes I’m a creature of habit. I’ve been blessed to have a sense of the best colors and garment types to complement my complexion and figure. But despite that, I realize that it’s still nice to have someone else’s perspective on what outfits look right. For that advice, I reached ou ...

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Prissi’s Corner – Playing It By Ear

Prissi’s Corner - Playing It By Ear Priscilla Powell Columnist Typically with my personal travel, all activities and events I play by ear. I inherited the gift of gab from my mother, so the moment I hit my plane seat, customs counter, taxi, airport bar or wherever I happen to be in my travel process,  I’m talking. Usually I’m picking people’s brains to see what they like, didn’t like, or feel I must experie ...

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By Kam Williams Entertainment columnist       By Bill Duke Interviews by Shelia P. Moses Photographs by Barron Claiborne “In today’s society, dark skin has become linked to longer prison time, higher unemployment rates, low self-esteem, lower standards of beauty, and higher psychological distress. The skin bleaching industry is a multimillion-dollar business. Women go to great lengths to lighten t ...

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