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Married To My Passport – Prissi’s Corner

  By: Priscilla Powell  Columnist The holidays are notorious for catching up with family you may not have seen in a while. I love the gatherings, the food and drink, the bid whist battles, and the ability to practice my photography skills. What the holiday season can completely miss me with is the badgering from young and old relatives and family friends about my marital status.  Reminders that I am pu ...

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Prissi’s Corner – Anywhere But There…

 By:Priscilla Powell Columnist                       I often encounter travel prospects who want to be the first person to visit a destination. Newsflash you are not Christopher Columbus, and you cannot be the first person to visit any destination, sorry someone has been there and done that which is probably why you are requesting it. Usually the conver ...

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Chivalry Died in Starbucks

I imagine if I was one who was brave enough to get a card reading, or if I believed in such a thing, that the gypsy woman would have laughed me out of her tent if I inquired about the not so gentlemanly sir I haphazardly met a few weeks ago. To say we didn’t have a love connection is an understatement.  We did not even have a human connection. I should have been forewarned when an hour after meeting, he was ...

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Do You Understand the Words That Are Coming Out of My Mouth???

The few instances I recall being reprimanded in school occurred because I didn’t know how to control and/or filter what came out of my mouth, or a combination of how my ‘feelings’ made me feel and what came out of my mouth. I remember early on in school I had a sit down with the principal who forbade me from informing my classmates of their illegitimate birth. For some reason my six year old self loved the ...

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