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Chivalry Died in Starbucks

I imagine if I was one who was brave enough to get a card reading, or if I believed in such a thing, that the gypsy woman would have laughed me out of her tent if I inquired about the not so gentlemanly sir I haphazardly met a few weeks ago. To say we didn’t have a love connection is an understatement.  We did not even have a human connection. I should have been forewarned when an hour after meeting, he was ...

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Do You Understand the Words That Are Coming Out of My Mouth???

The few instances I recall being reprimanded in school occurred because I didn’t know how to control and/or filter what came out of my mouth, or a combination of how my ‘feelings’ made me feel and what came out of my mouth. I remember early on in school I had a sit down with the principal who forbade me from informing my classmates of their illegitimate birth. For some reason my six year old self loved the ...

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