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Judge Appoints Special prosecutor in former “Mayor Daley Nephew” Case

A Cook County judge has appointed a special prosecutor to take an in depth look at how Chicago police investigated the death of David Koschman after a drunken altercation with a nephew of former Mayor Richard Daley back in 2004.

Attorneys for Koschman’s family worked to obtain the special prosecutor, the family insists that Chicago police department purposely altered files and  reports look as if   Mr. Koschman was the aggressor in the incident that led to his death.

But the Cook County state’s attorney’s office opposed the appointment, accusing Koschman’s attorneys of “Monday morning quarterbacking” and jumping to conclusions about evidence.

Koschman, 21, had been drinking in the Rush Street late night district early on April 25, 2004, when he argued with a group that included Daley’s nephew, Richard “R.J.” Vanecko. After the encounter with the group Mr. Koschman ended up dead.

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