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The Perils of Travel


Prissi By: Priscilla Powell

I love to travel, so much that I started a travel planning business.  Last week, I was in Vegas and I completely lost my mind. I have been to Vegas at least once a year for the past 3 years, but usually I do pretty well at suppressing my addictive personality; I tend to take in shows, pick around the massive food at the buffets, participate in some sort of interactive game or class, and have deep intriguing conversations with people I will never see again (although some of these folks have made it as far as connecting with me on my Facebook page).

This year I threw caution to the wind. I did not plan anything or set an agenda before I left for my trip. I packed my suitcase with entirely too many articles of clothing, shoes, and belts (none of which I used) and headed for the airport. At the onset of arriving in Vegas, I started gambling. Typically, I stay far far away from slot machines. They do not like me, I do not like them; it’s a mutual understanding that we don’t converse. I lucked up on one slot machine and won $50.  I will not disclose how much I lost on all the other slot machines, but I will vow that my next trip to Vegas I’m not sitting near anything that’s plugged into an outlet.  I did nothing besides the casinos and walk the strip; no shopping, no shows, and no buffets. My only food lust worthy experience came from eating a pork belly sandwich at Wolf Gang Puck’s bar/restaurant in the MGM; it mitigated my losses from the casinos.

I took the time to detail my adventures last week before hitting you with the realization that I had as I arrived back home on Monday; I have a trip planned for next week. Now it’s not unheard of that I can hit multiple destinations in the same month.  However, this usually requires precise planning and most importantly strict budgeting. Remember, I threw caution to the wind and gambled away much of my money, money that I needed to pay for my trip to Nashville next week. Sure, I should have purchased my plane ticket weeks ago, but if you haven’t picked up on it by now, I’m a bit of gambler.  You can get great airfare deals if you get your tickets far in advance or very close to your departure date.

If this was just a random trip I would have easily just rescheduled, but it wasn’t.  I am scheduled to attend a conference, where my registration has been paid for. There are panels and speakers I want to hear that I am certain I will walk away with valuable information (in addition to being a gambler, I’m a lightweight heavy thinker and revolutionary as well). Therefore, I have to go on this trip; there is no out with this one.

I realize the error of my ways, but because I cannot empty the remainder of my accounts, and I do not have anything of value for the pawnshop near my house, I’m taking my talents to the mega bus on an 8 hour drive down south.{ Insert blank stare and shocked smiley face here, while the scary dude who talks as Michael Jackson’s Thriller begins to play.} This is how I feel at this moment in time, and it does not feel good.
I literally had a panic attack when my editor told me she purchased me a bus ticket and I realized what a bus ticket truly meant. It meant, I was getting on a bus. With a bunch of other people who paid $70 or less for a roundtrip ticket down south. People I do not know, people whom I see walking down Adams street lugging tattered suitcases and bags, people from various lifestyles, occupations, varying levels of cleanliness, and extracurricular activities, and quirks, and I should stop now because this isn’t helping me.   Now before you get heated with me, I realize I am no better than anyone else is and I am not judging anyone because I have enough to worry about with my own issues such as this addictive personality.

All I’m saying is, my name is Priscilla, and I don’t do buses, I don’t like them, I feel helpless and trapped while on them, I rarely ride them longer than the 4 minutes it takes me to get from my train to my job, and even then I prefer to walk unless I’m running late. I was freaking out; having a minor panic attack and the thought of using a bathroom on a bus makes my skin crawl.  I always say that I live for the experiences in life but this bus ride was surely be one to remember, and I will update you as soon as possible.

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