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Horoscopes Week of May 10th – May 16, 2012

If you are unhappy with your situation this week, you have all the power you need to change it! Don’t procrastinate any longer. You can make the improvement now! Don’t worry about what others are thinking. Just do what is good for you.
Lucky Numbers: 12, 33, 55


The universe is balanced and our lives will be filled with triumphs and tribulations. Don’t fret when you face turmoil this week. Deal with it head on and stay undeterred. Keep straight on the path you are traveling and you will reach the place where you are meant to be.
Lucky Numbers: 6, 21, 47


Your inner beauty is one of your greatest assets. This week take full advantage of this gift you received from God. This week hold in consciousness the truth that you are specially crafted from His hands. Allow a cheerful disposition to radiate through you.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 50, 53


Everything that goes around will come around for the universe is balanced. We all need to bear our crosses and accept the fate that is destined for each of us. The will of God is good and we will receive as He gives. This week is a week for finding joy in little things.
Lucky Numbers: 19, 23, 46


This week have faith in what you know can happen and rededicate yourself to achieving your dreams. Be sure to remember and respect who you are as the week unfolds. Love yourself for who you are this week and this will give you a clear perspective on what you can become.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 32, 51


Give yourself a chance to experience a different side of your personality this week. Keep from getting bored by doing a little acting. Choose a character who would be more effective than you in the situation in which you find yourself. Be that character. Play the role. Enjoy it.
Lucky Numbers: 17, 20, 30


You are a person of action. Believe in your ability to get things done and you will find things so easy to do. Put things into perspective and obstacles will become opportunities. Put your plans into practice with confidence and your list of things to do will get done one by one.
Lucky Numbers: 18, 25, 27


This week think of yourself in ways that you have not thought of yourself recently. Find in the closet of your spirit another set of clothes. Put them on and wear them like they are your everyday apparel. Reinvent yourself and act as if the new is usual.
Lucky Numbers: 19, 49, 52


You are a person of many talents and skills. People around you count on your abilities to keep things running smoothly this week. Know that all your hard work is appreciated and even though you may not see it right away your dedication will be rewarded.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 17, 22


Allow yourself to live your dream this week. Don’t second guess your instincts or desires and you will find you are already the person who you always knew you could be. Be courageous as you set forth to fulfill your goals. If doubt knocks, lock the doors and windows of your heart.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 12, 14
Trust your special knowledge of yourself and the universe and use that knowledge as a guide this week. Not everyone will trust in you know to be true. Do not let their lack of faith shake your belief in yourself. Knowledge of external processes is not nearly so important as knowledge of yourself this week.
Lucky Numbers: 9, 19, 20
It’s not always what you know, or even who you know that paves the road to success. Sometimes it’s just being in the right place at the right time that counts. Be prepared to answer when opportunity knocks this week. Accept your good fortune graciously, and share it with others.
Lucky Numbers: 17, 24, 51

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