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Practice What You Preach

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As a travel professional, I am always educating my clients on the importance of travel insurance. Travel insurance is a vital part of vacation planning, as it protects your monetary investment in the face of the unknown. If a child becomes ill, a flight is cancelled leaving you in Antigua a few extra days, or you and your boo suddenly split and you simply no longer want to go anywhere with them, travel insurance is great because you get all or a portion of your travel budget returned. Also, people’s expectations can be all over the place, insurance alleviates much of those burdens. However, as with most professionals, I am a travel agent’s worst nightmare as I never take my own advice.

I have been thrust into the midst of interview season. I’ve had two promising interviews in the last two weeks for an exciting promotion. As I type, I’m peeping out the corner of my eye expecting the phone to light up, ringing to schedule a third interview. With all the mind racing thoughts that go along with the interview process: what to wear, shall I straighten my hair, red lipstick or neutral. The thought at the forefront of my mind is, what am I going to do if they hire me for one of these positions and don’t approve my vacation leave? If you’re as quick to the draw, as I hope you are, you’ve guessed by now that I didn’t purchase travel insurance.
Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. How can you recommend something for others that you don’t practice yourself? A slight bit hypocritical? So what now? Yeah, yeah I know. I always stress this to clients, as clients are unpredictable and some even a bit reckless . They change their minds a lot. Circumstances change. Needs change. However with me, I skipped insurance because I knew that I was going. It was a no brainer, I mean I’m 130% sure that I’m going, travel is in my blood, it’s what I do. What I didn’t factor into the equation was the unknown variables in life. The fact that tons of positions are available with my employer, many requiring extensive training that throws a wrench into the most elaborate plans of a stellar travel professional. I didn’t fathom that I would be interviewed, for not one but two jobs, and I didn’t expect both of these chance encounters to go so well. So now I sit here trying to pry myself from a rock and a hard place, kicking myself for being so cocky.
As I’m a positive thinker, and believe that God works all things out for me. In this moment I have no clue of what’s next. Whatever happens will work out, however I’m not too certain if the work out plan involves loss of my vacation or my vacation dollars. I can surely chalk this one up for the books, and EVERYTHING I plan going forward for myself will include an insurance clause.

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