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Comcast Launches The X1 Platform for Xfinity In Illinois, NW Indiana, and SW Michigan


Comcast launched the X1 Platform from Xfinity in Illinois, NW Indiana, and SW Michigan.  Using cloud-enabled technologies, the X1 Platform offers a completely new TV experience that provides access to a massive library of live and on-demand video and a new, much more graphically pleasing guide, and apps that complement the service.  In addition, DVR-enabled X1 boxes allow customers to record four shows and watch a fifth at the same time and include multi-room DVR service.

“X1 redefines the Xfinity entertainment experience, making it easier to use, smarter, richer, faster, and more personalized than ever before,” said John Crowley, Comcast’s regional senior vice president.  “And with X1, Comcast is essentially doubling the number of shows customers can record simultaneously yet charging the same amount we do for existing multi-room DVR service in the market.”

X1 features include:

·A main screen with a new, easy-to-read and -search guide and interface that enables fast, one-click access to a variety of video content and allows customers to access a host of information about the programs they’re watching and related programming;
·The ability to search TV listings, DVR recordings, and Xfinity On Demand for content simultaneously;
·In addition to the ability to record four shows and watch a fifth at the same time, the X1 DVR includes multi-room service, which lets customers watch recorded shows in any room in the house;
·Weather, sports and real-time traffic apps, all specially designed and scaled for use on a TV screen (X1 DVR boxes also include Pandora and Facebook apps);
·An enhanced remote control for the X1 DVR box that’s highly responsive and does not have to be pointed straight at the box to work; and
·The ability to display the highest resolution supported by many new TVs, 1080P at 60 frames per second.

In addition, to continually enhance the customer experience, Comcast can update X1 from the cloud using Internet Protocol (IP) and other technologies.

In addition, X1 lets customers search through tens of thousands of programming choices using either their iPhones’ or iPod Touches’ virtual keyboards, or they can simply say into these devices, “Show me all action movies on HBO.”  The app also has the ability to filter content by genre, whether it’s offered in high-definition, and other criteria, as well as control the DVR and interact with X1’s social media tools and apps.

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