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Following a Trusted Leader Out of Egypt

Last week we dealt with the final lesson on Joseph as he died and passed on the inheritance that was spoken to Abraham.  He told his brethren that God was going to visit them even though he would not be present.  This week we are blessed to see once again how God takes care of his own, the infamous story of how the children of Israel sojourned through the Red Sea is the lesson on display, let’s see what faithful following will do…

As the lesson opens, we are reminded of how God promised the Children of Israel out of slavery, He did, He then shows them in Exodus 14 that He was sovereign and powerful enough to deliver them from drowning in the Red Sea.  As a token of gratitude they began to sing a song. Miriam, Moses’ sister was skilled in music so she led the praise party.  The song encompassed all that God had done for them thus far.

This one verse tells of how God led the children through the Red Sea but drowned Pharaoh and his army that was running behind them.  This shows the awesome power of God because not only was the waters parted but the scripture says, “but the children of Israel went on dry land in the midst of the sea.”. God dried up the ground for them to walk across but did not allow the enemy to join them.  Sometimes in life, all we have to do is stand still and allow God to fight our battles, He can handle them much better than we can.

THE COMMOTION (v. 22-26)
The conclusion of this lesson takes place in the Desert of Shur, three days after the awesome victory at the Red Sea, the children of Israel they found themselves searching for water but could not find any, when they came to Marah they could not drink the water because it was bitter.  Consequently, they began to murmur and complain.  It is interesting how quickly things change, just three days prior to this they were shouting and singing because of the awesome power of God and how He handled the water of the Red Sea, but now they are grumbling because they cannot find water to satisfy their thirst.  Moses cries out to God and instructs him to throw a piece of wood in the water and the water became sweet.  God reminded the children of Israel, if they would continue to obey and keep his commandments, He would not bring and of the Egyptians diseases upon them but He promised to be their healer.

God has a way of continuing to prove himself to us time and time again.  Even in a bitter situation, God can make it become sweet; and even in a situation where it seems that the waters of life are too big for us, He shows us that He can allow us to walk through them on dry land.  Just as the children of Israel, we must be faithful and committed to following the leader that the Lord has placed before us, more importantly we must continue to follow the shepherd that gives us the guarantee that we well never want or lack anything (Psalm 23).

Reverend Rodney C. Griffin, Jr., B.A.
Associate Minister
Mount Vernon Baptist Church
Dr. Johnny L. Miller, Pastor

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