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Jesus My Strengh, My Hope On Thee I Cast My Cares…

christian-symbols-9v  By: Apostle/Prophet Emanuel Dada.

David and Goliath (the giant).  The little shepherd boy defeated the proud giant.  Oh! If God be for us who can be against us; when God is sought there is no mountain we cannot climb, no river (no matter how deep) we cannot cross.  Certainly no high wall blockade (wall of Jericho) can stop us; for we trust in the great living Jehovah God to pull us through.

Greetings my dear brethren (everyone). It’s another day in the Land of the living.   T’is the era when we (all human) must give Glory to God and praise His begotten son (Jesus) who submitted (volunteered) as a lamb to be slaughtered for our sins; It is time to focus on the eternal race set before us. Faith in God, humility and endurance work miracle.  God exalts the humbled heart but rejects the proud heart. David, the little Shepherd boy  knew the unmatched, undefeatable power of God and the greatness of His might to empower him (David) to bring down the tall, big and proud giant (Goliath).

The Philistines gathered their army together for battle; so were the Israelites army.  Goliath spoke in words of pride of himself-  heavily dressed in experienced soldier’s armed coat and helmet of brass upon his head with a spear of weaver’s beam made of iron, with a large sword defying the armies of Israel.  Goliath was big and 9 feet tall.  But David a little shepherd boy with no prior military experience and with only a sling and a bag of 5 smooth stones came in the Living God’s name to face the giant.

The Israelites army though sore afraid, yet David was determined to claim victory and triumph over Goliath the big & tall giant; David depended, leaning on God of Israel for his victory.  The giant (Goliath) boasted of his vigor and his strength to kill David – but David came in the name & power of Almighty God.  However both men went into fight – the battle started the giant (Goliath) made advance to David and David quickly made a move toward the giant.  He reached for a stone in his shepherd’s bag and with sling he hauled the stone at Goliath; hitting the giant fore-head and the giant fell down; the battle was over.  David quickly cut Goliath’s neck and took his head.  God of Israel had won the battle for the Israelites (1 Samuel Chapter 17).

And so therefore everyone know that with the Living God; All things are possible (Mark 10:27).  When situations in your life are difficult and future seened hopeless; trust and lean on the Almighty Living God to pull you through.  No mountain you cannot climb, no river you cannot cross – make effort like David and lean on God without wavering for God never fails.  Jesus the begotten son of God is the way, the truth and the life; nobody comes unto the father (God) but by Him (John 14:6).  Cast all your cares on Jesus today for He is your strength and hope for a better life, your blessed assurance.  Jesus loves you and so do I.  For prayer support call me at (630) 615-1693.

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