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Living As God’s Just People –Acting With Compassion

This week’s lesson comes on the heels of us being taught to be just and practice justice as God’s people.  We are to practice the principles that have been laid before us in order to bring glory to God.  This week our lesson challenges us to be selfless and have compassion on one another as God would have us to.

The first outline of this lesson teaches us how to treat others in a right way.  Verses nine and ten informed the Israelites to keep the corners of the land for those who were less fortunate.  Verses eleven through thirteen the Israelites are taught to be honest with everyone.  By being honest, a person frees themselves from deceit, deception, and fraud.  The final two verses of this outline teaches that no one was to be taken advantage of.  In treating others right, we should never spread slander, rumors, or lies about our fellow sisters and brothers.

The next laws that were put before the people dealt with the actions and feelings of the heart.  We should never seek revenge nor hate our fellowman and we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  Jesus commands us to love our neighbors after He instructs us to love the Lord with all of our hearts, minds, and soul.  Scripture teaches that others will know that we are Christians by our love.  Love is not just a word, but it is filled with action.

This portion of the lesson brings to clear focus our attitude and actions toward strangers because it teaches us that we should never forget where we have come from.  We should have compassion upon others just as the Lord has had compassion upon us.

The closing of the lesson deals with fair and just business practices.  God’s people are called to a standard of holiness.  Scripture instructs us to be holy as God is holy.  When we are just and fair in business, we bring pleasure to our Heavenly Father.

Reverend Rodney C. Griffin, Jr., B.A.
Associate Minister
Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Dr. Johnny L. Miller, Pastor

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