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“Nourishment For Life -The Bread Of Life”

Last weeks lesson showed forth the miraculous work of Jesus through some spittle, clay and a blind man’s obedience.  This week we hear the words that He speaks.  This lesson includes one of the seven “I Am” statements that give us a glimpse of who Jesus really is.

This lesson opens with the crowd that Jesus fed with the two fish and five loaves of bread.  These people lingered around expecting that Jesus would perform another miraculous work before their very eyes.  These people were so ecstatic about what happened the day before that they wanted to make Jesus their king.  However, when they saw the boat that Jesus and the disciples occupied, someone was missing – Jesus.  When they remembered that Jesus was in the mountains praying they boarded boats and went over to Capernaum.  When they arrived on the other side of the sea, they found Jesus and began to ask him questions.

When the people found Jesus and began questioning him, He responds by saying, you are not seeking me because of the miracle, you’re only seeking me because of the results of the miracle (you ate and were filled).  Jesus began to teach them saying, do not work for meat that will perish but the same thrust and effort they put forth to find perishable bread, they should put toward meat that endureth to everlasting life.  They asked what kind of works should they do, Jesus said, believe on the one in whom God has sent.  They began to talk about the manna that Moses ate in the desert which was given from Heaven.

LIVING BREAD (v. 32-35)
Jesus dispels the myth and mystery of the bread that Moses gave by saying that God provided the bread for them and it was a precursor to the true Bread of Life that God was now providing for them.  Jesus told them that by believing on Him, it would not only sustain them physically but also spiritually because he brings about salvation and redemption which leads to Everlasting Life.

Jesus Christ is the true bread to our soul just as wheat, rye, and white bread is to our bodies.  Our bodies can live better without food than our souls can without Christ.  You may have a loaf of Wonder bread on your counter and if it sits too long, it will go bad but if you try Jesus, He will work Wonders in your life!

Rev. Rodney C. Griffin, Jr., B.A.
Associate Minister
Mount Vernon Baptist Church
Dr. Johnny L. Miller, Pastor

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