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Wala Cam TV: The Beginning of Chicago’s Urban Dance Evolution

Wala Cam TV: The Beginning of Chicago’s Urban Dance Evolution Jerome "WALA" Williams FOUNDER   Picture this... it’s 1999, you’re an aspiring videographer in the city of Chicago, and in the windy streets of Chicago lies your cast of raw talent. You have an idea... You’re looking for something to capture in this beautiful city. Not just anything to capture. You’re looking for talent that the rest of the ...

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My Spring Awakening

            By: Jocelyn Morris Fashion & Beauty Columnist   Outfit of the Day:    My Spring Awakening Hello all you lovely people in Chicago! Spring is here and I am SO excited. I feel like a bear that has been slumbering in a deep sleep for a long time. This is the time of year that I feel most alive! I’m a spring baby so that could have something to do with it. ...

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All Girls Deserve a Chance to Play

Parents can find hundreds of resources for their children at All Girls Deserve a Chance to Play “I think one of the unique things about Girls in the Game is we take sports and fitness opportunities and we combine that with health education for girls—nutrition, body image and leadership development—and bring it together to make programs that address the whole girl.”  Amy Keen , Exe ...

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The Chicago Reckoning

By Jesse Jackson NNPA Columnist   The Chicago Reckoning Why is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a neck and neck run-off for re-election? He enjoys national press attention, advertises the endorsement of hometown favorite, President Obama, brandishes a $30 million-plus campaign war chest, largely funded by 100 or so major donors, and mobilizes wall-to-wall advertising and a professional campaign team. Yet ...

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Emanuel vs Garcia Run-Off April 7th

By: Naimah Latif Staff Writer Emanuel vs Garcia Run-Off April 7th Mayor Rahm Emanuel To Face  Jesus “Chuy” Garcia In An April Run-off Election Despite the frigid, below-freezing temperatures, on Election Day incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his four challengers, Bob Fioretti, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, William “Dock” Walls and Dr. Willie Wilson, all hit the ground running, doing radio interviews, phone canvassing ...

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WALA WORD - CO-STILL Written By: Tiffany Lebrón   CO-STILL When you think about Chicago rap legends some of the obvious MC’s come to mind like Common Sense, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. However with the re-emergence of the conscience rapper, one Chicago MC is promising to leave his imprint on the city he holds dear to his heart. Cordell Hunter, a.k.a CO-STILL is an emerging force who promises to bring h ...

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Hall of Famer Ernie Bank’s Family Cries Foul

By Charles Roughy Staff Writer   Ernie Banks Pictured with his caretaker Regina Rice    The Family of Ernie Banks have accused long time caretaker Regina Rice of jilting them out of their just due portion of the late Ernie Banks estate. According to records, in his will, Banks left all of his assets to a trust controlled by Ms.Rice. In the will Mr.Banks states that he was “making no provisions” fo ...

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Who will hold the key to the CITY?

By : Charles Roughy Staff Writer   With a few days of early voting left,  less than 50,000 Chicagoans have taken advantage of the chance to cast their early ballots. In the election 4 years ago final totals were nearly 75,000 early votes casted early. Election Board spokesman Jim Allen said the last four days of early voting are traditionally the highest turnout and  with days to go, it’s possible to g ...

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Hyde Park Suzuki Institute

    Parents Can find hundreds of resources for their children at WWW.PARENTPOWERCHICAGO.ORG     The Hyde Park Suzuki Institute was founded in 1998 to bring the joy of music and the expression of its richness to children through the teaching methods of those who have proven through experience and research the exceptional learning ability of the young child.  Since then, the Institute has ...

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WALA WORD – Princess Baby Doll

WALA WORD - Princess Baby Doll   Those not familiar with with “Princess Baby Doll” need to take 5 minutes and Google her to see why this young lady has the internet going crazy! This beautiful energetic young lady’s dynamic personality is matched with as much talent as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Jade Pinkett Smith wrapped in one body.   As I prepare myself to walk into the room, I had to remind myse ...

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